Thursday, March 14, 2019
Computer Basics
8:30:00 AM - 8:30:00 AM
Learn the basic features and uses of computer hardware and software. Learn about Computer Data and The Central Processing Unit. Learn about Memory and Data Storage Devices; explore Peripheral Devices. Learn Operating System Fundamentals including Operating Systems Software and Application Software. Know more about Computers and Privacy, Computer Crime and Computers and the Environment.

Intro to WordPerfect X-9
8:30:00 AM - 8:30:00 AM
Start and explore the WordPerfect environment; enter text; save, open, and print a document; get Help; and close WordPerfect. Open and navigate a document; insert, delete, and overtype text; and use the Undo and Redo commands. Select, move, and copy text, and find and replace text. Format text, align paragraphs, modify line spacing between and within paragraphs, and use the Reveal codes window. Create, move, modify, and delete tab stops, and create and modify tables. Create and edit headers and footers, adjust page margins, and insert and delete manual page breaks. Check and correct spelling and grammar, find synonyms with the thesaurus, use the QuickWords feature, and use the dictionary. Place a hyperlink, preview a document in a browser, and publish a document to HTML, PDF, and XML.